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Welcome To  Escort Antalya
For Booking you can contact us anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Local Phone Calls:
+49 666 8479671
International WhatsApp Calls: +49 666 8479671


Booking procedures
Once you have chosen the escort of your choice, please contact the operator to arrange your reservation. Please note that advance reservations will be subject to phone confirmation before the deadline on the day of the mission. Failure to confirm on time may mean that the booking is not respected.
Our Istanbul service operates from 10:00 am to late, but please note that not all escorts will be available at all times. The Istanbul operator will be happy to confirm the availability of your choice. Every escort in Istanbul understands the importance of punctuality, and we also ask customers to give due consideration to their consent. If you are late for communication, please contact our office and inform us of the expected ETA. Please note that in case of a late arrival of more than 15 minutes, women reserve the right to review or cancel the reservation. Finally ... all our companions in London are polite, polite and discreet and will treat you with the utmost respect. We ask you to treat them the same way.